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Cradle of Sins is a first-person MOBA game developed exclusively for AR & VR. The game features all the best AR/VR and MOBA elements, such as natural locomotion, interactive world, Jungles, two lanes and 10 playable characters with unique abilities.

3 VS 3

The game is played in matches between two teams of three players with each team defending their own separate Altar on the map. A team wins by being the first to destroy the Altar located in the opposing team’s base.


The game takes place on a volcanic island called The Cradle where Slimes cause order on the island, making it that it is impossible to escape The Cradle or not fight one another. Read character stories to learn more about the nature of the game.


The game will feature 10 unique characters at release, each of which has unique abilities and differing styles of play. Different weapons ranging from swords, shields, crossbows to staffs and powerful crystals.




The Great Architect

The Great Architect is plagued with heartbreak and ruin. All that he loved was ripped away from him in a matter of moments and his torment lead to his inevitable turn in character. He mourned and vowed that he would bend the laws of the world to his will to obtain what was once lost. With pain weighing upon his heart, he devised a plan to create a being powerful enough to grant him his wish; to gain what was taken from him years ago.




He gathered warriors on the volcanic island one by one and told everyone to fight each other to grow stronger and learn from one another. He has specifically chosen these warriors for their knowledge and powers to accomplish his goals. In the end the Great Architect man promised gold and whatever they desire to the one who wins.




Slimes are creepy minion like things that are the henchmen of the Great Architect man created using dark magic to cause order on the island and making it so that it is impossible to escape the island or not fight one another. One wrong move, and one may be tortured into submission by them.




Cradle of Sins will feature over 70 weapons. Different weapons ranging from swords, shields, crossbows to staffs and powerful crystals. Players have a passive income of gold and get rewards for killing enemies across the map. This gold can be used to buy weapons and upgrades to successfully battle the opposing team’s character in player versus player combat.


Edward Blacknails has all the qualities that would cause any decent human being turn up their nose in disgust – arrogant, prideful, and selfish. His habit of treasure hunting is what ultimately led to this traveller’s demise. With greed seething its way in his mind, he guided his ship and crew into the jaws of a kraken, who was guarding a treasure he had coveted. He became the only survivor.

Once this pile of bones made it to shore, he made plans to get back to his own island stronghold. It was upon his arrival, however, that he discovered someone had been getting too familiar with his lodgings. As soon as his toe bone hit the sand, slimes attacked, making him a prisoner in his own home. Before long he was set in front The Grand Architect, who seemed busy hatching his plan for his new residence. It was then that he turned to face Edward, offering him two options.

"Aid me in my quest or be devoured," he said.

And Edward, arrogant and selfish, knew the choice he had to make…

Harpies’ territories are mostly in mountainous regions, and each territory is ruled by the strongest warrior. Like all harpies, Helena Whitefeather wanted to become a great warrior. This dream, however, proved hard to become a reality. No matter how hard she tried, she could never compete with her peers. There was one thing she did have, though. Her wings were amazing and could fly faster than anyone else. But these skills were looked down upon.
There were rumours and reports of the spirals clan, a demon clan, who were overthrowing their elected leaders and launching surprise attacks on the neighbouring flatheads. Helena was sent out with the first line of supports to bolster their defence. They were too late as they were immediately launched into an ambush and captured. She was ashamed. She planned to die, because at least then she wouldn't be a complete waste of space.
Helena was approached by The Grand Architect. She stared at him, not understanding what his intentions were. He held up her crossbow, offering it as a form of friendship.
“You can become the greatest warrior to have ever lived.”
She thought it was over for her. As a last resort, she took the crossbow from his hand and followed him out of the abyss. It was a mistake…

Wraiths are not of this world. They seem to have an ability to disappear and reappear as they choose, and this makes them extremely hard to track down and examine. A few lucky encounters say that the only physical part to them seems to be their hands and the lantern they carry around. It is also said that the lantern will flash red when it is close to the object the wraith desires.
The Grand Architect, fascinated by their powers, devises a plan to capture his very own wraith. He creates a lamp and lures the wraith to his island. The wraith is seduced through an open door where The Grand Architect uses a thin layer of slime to slice off the hand holding the lantern. The wraith disappears, but the lantern stays behind. Using this newly acquired lantern he will trap other wraiths on the island by not allowing teleportation within his walls.
War has broken out among the three demon clans near a small village in the south. Baz'zaar, a teacher in one of the local schools, manages to rush his students to safety, but gets himself captured. He was blindfolded and transported around for three full days and nights. Without a bite to eat, Baz'zaar grew irritable and hopeless about the idea of surviving. More days pass, until he is finally given something to eat. He devours it, not questioning the taste of the juicy meat.
The chains, as well as his appetite, are growing heavier on him, as he is still blindfolded and bound like a beast. The guards come towards him, bearing his next meal. Suddenly, his blindfold was removed and he sees for the first time what he has been eating for the past week. Arms, legs and the bodies of slaughter victims are scattered all over in front of him. His mind goes blank and rage fills his soul, bubbling up and out of his chest and throat.
He feels it, the urge to destroy. It rises in his throat like bile. He has no tears left to shed, as his only reason to live is to destroy the evil in this wretched world. The Grand Architect steps forward, the heels of his boots echoing on the cold ground. Baz'zaar looks up in confusion, asking the man what he wants.
"I've come to grant you a wish in exchange for your service," he says.
Baz'zaar's mind flashes back to the gruesome scene and his eyes glaze over. He lifts his head, staring at the hooded being.
“Release me from these chains and I will do anything you ask of me."

Kobold is the descendant of a small tribe of Kobolds who escaped a great calamity that destroyed their civilization. After the act of God, they developed a new tribal culture and lived in small groups around their homeland. Unfortunately, these lands were soon invaded and every day became a struggle. Kobold chose to take the name of his species, to never forget who he was, and became a guard for some travelling merchants in order to see the world.
He soon finds himself in a situation of helping to kill the king of the empire, and unknowingly encourages the spiral clan demons to attack the harpies for more silver. Chaos seems to be following him everywhere. He soon becomes obsessed with the power he possesses, becoming attached to material things such as gold, jewels, and treasure. He buys a map from The Grand Architect which leads him to the island where he is faced with the option of fighting for his life or die trying.

Angels are rare creatures as only two have ever been sighted. They are said to be immortal in every sense of the word, but they do not seem to perceive the world the same way as other beings. The last known angel – Kereor – was a frequent visitor on battlefields, where he would appear after a battle and heal wounds on both sides. Many accounts state that broken bones and torn off limbs were healed in a matter of seconds, and even dead warriors were brought back to life and later went to rule nations.
Over the ages, there have been many conflicting descriptions of Kereor in the records, but they all agree on one thing. There is an odd crystal, the likes of nothing known to man, embedded in each of the angel’s hands. Some speculate that this is what allows the angel to perform these miracles. One of the last angels, Kereor, has recently disappeared, no longer watching over the battlefields of men and beasts alike.

Elementals are spirits bound to elements. They are eternal forces that influence the whole planet. Most of them experience the world too slow or too fast to notice the effects of men and beasts. Earth has been woken from his slow slumber as men start to shape the world around them to their own liking. Earth moved around as a small Golem. He assumed this form when he first woke up and met a strange young man. They parted ways after Earth learned all he could from him, but it was not enough. The tales would not explain his discomfort. So Earth would continue walking towards the irritation. The discomfort only seemed to grow with time. By the time he found himself close to the disturbance, new problems emerged.
This was a strange land, a desert as far as the eye could see. Earth could not remember creating this. Furthermore, the beasts inhabiting this place spoke an unfamiliar language. As Earth really did not care for the races on the planet, he slowly developed countermeasures to continue his journey. He would make both a stronger shell for himself by incorporating metals into the earth and a floating body to leave no marks of his whereabouts.

Kyra grew up in the mountains. Having been raised in a small village of hunters, she learned at a young age how to survive in the wild. When she was seized by army recruiters who came from the flatlands, she spent the next two years going through brutal and gruelling empire training. She had always planned to run away from the army if the opportunity presented itself, but the situation changed with an unexpected promotion.
Her first battle soon followed. They were rushed in ill-prepared and although the battle resulted in victory, largely thanks to Kyra’s stand at the front lines, too many lives were lost. She did not believe in the empire or the king but decided to believe in her friends. She switched her sword for a large shield so she could lead the charge and protect her comrades at the same time.
Her group would come to distinguish themselves on the battlefield and grow to the size of a battalion. Victory after victory, her fame grew until the final battle loomed large, a last-ditch effort by the enemies to stop the empire’s advance. It was a sure win, an end to a decade-long war, until their most prized commander disappeared in the dead of night. She would wake up on a tropical island surrounded by a wall of slimes and told to fight. This time, for the fate of the world.






Cradle of Sins team has gone on a tour in Europe from Stockholm to Brussels to let people play the game on their portable gaming station and to showcase a life-size sculpture of a pirate skeleton from the game. Tour lasts from 14th – 21st of June. On the way they will visit Dreamhack Summer 2019 in Jönköping and much more.

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