Welcome to the island

destiny awaits you


What’s Your Sin?

You glimpse it on the horizon as the sun beats down: a small dark landmass deep in the treacherous waters of the Prismatic Sea.

Early explorers named it Cradle Island. Adventurers – and superstition – know it as the Cradle of Sins. To you it is simply ‘The Island’, and it is here that through bloodshed, cunning and cruelty you will win everything you have ever dreamed of.


temple overpaint1_final

Spirit of the Island

You and your rivals have journeyed from the farthest reaches of the known world to battle under the watchful eye of The Great Architect, the island spirit who remains shrouded in mystery but whose power is undeniable. After centuries of silence the Architect abandoned his isolation to issue a challenge: the greatest warriors in all the world will travel to Cradle Island on the ninety-ninth day of the calendar, and there do battle until only one still lives. The victor will become the Architect’s Champion, and win whatever prize their heart desires.

 The Architect’s power is vast, and his purpose unknowable. What toll he will demand from his champion remains to be seen, but your heart’s desire has brought you here, and you are ready to pay the price.


Meet The Locals

These strange beasts bear the mark of dark magic. They act as The Great Architect’s henchmen, keeping order on The Island… and preventing anyone having second thoughts from escaping.



Seven Ways To Kill, Seven Ways To Die

They don’t call this place the Cradle of Sins for nothing. The Island is fully stocked with blades, bows, traps and artifacts of powerful sorcery. Each player character has a choice of seven different brutal weapons with which to dispatch their enemies… after all, it’s important to express yourself.