VR & PC verison is out now!

Play the game and record the most ridiculous bug or the fines play to win the prizes.

11-17TH APRIL 2022

Are you ready to smash some cool challenges and earn awesome rewards?

Every week, The Architect’s Campaign brings a custom set of challenges in order to give you guys some awesome objectives and even cooler rewards.

30TH MARCH 2021 – 18TH JULY 2021

Leading up to the bracket tournament we will have two tournaments to help players find a team and familiarize themselves with the game. We will collect scores from each event with brackets being built based off of high scores. Each week we will update the sign up form for each tournament. Anyone will be able to register for the final bracket tournament on the 19th but players participating in either of the first 2 tournaments will receive priority registration and placement in the final tournament.


Come hang out with us for the must-watch Virtual Reality tournament of the year! Eight all-star teams, made up of some of the biggest names in gaming and music, will compete in U24’s upcoming game Cradle of Sins to become this year’s Beat & Battle champions. Come watch teams will compete to win from a prize pool of $25,000, with the first place team scoring the $15,000 grand prize. All of the winnings will be donated to a charity of the victor’s choice. 

Hang out with musicians like Steve Aoki and Headhunterz and pro players including SodaPoppin and xQc. Join us on November 11th!


U24 Solutions is the studio behind the highly ambitious upcoming Cradle of Sins VR MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) video game, and they just recently hosted the world’s first VR MOBA tournament – the Cradle of Sins Alpha Cup!