Cradle of Sins from Virtual Reality to Reality. We created a skeleton sculpture and toured around Europe

We wanted to bring the game and its characters to the real world. Even all the possibilities virtual reality gives us, we still believe that nothing can’t beat meeting the fans and gamers face to face.

So, a handmade skeleton sculpture and wizard Hexoth costume for cosplay was made and we went on a road trip from Stockholm to Brussels to let people play our game for the very first time.


Cradle of Sins is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game for VR that is coming out for Oculus Rift, Quest, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR. We wanted to make a strategic game for VR that has longevity and an interactive experience the VR is known for.

Across Europe we were driving with 2019 Porsche Cayanne Coupe, Mercedes Benz bus and a trailer that had a skeleton sculpture on the back. Anywhere we went we could set up our mobile VR gaming station as we had all the equipment needed with us on the bus. People had the chance to play the game against each other online in 2v2.

On our way we made stops at Stockholm’s Cars & Coffee, Dreamhack in Jönköping, Lübeck Bremen, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, the Netherlands, Antwerp and Brussels.


It took us lots of man hours to complete the pirate skeleton sculpture. Around the time we were building the sculpture, a heatwave hit Estonia. So, due to the intense heat the paint reacted in a way that would melt the foam plastic the skeleton was made of. There were days of working hard, cutting out and painting the skeleton bones only to find out it had melted the next day.

But the struggles with the sculpture did not end there. When we were rushing to the port in Tallinn to catch a ferry to Stockholm the sculpture on a trailer was teared into pieces by the wind on one of the busiest streets of Tallinn. The whole traffic was stopped, and they stared at us as we were picking up skeleton pieces. That had to be one random sight these people were seeing.

At the same time, in the other side of Tallinn, the rest of our team had to get the cars from the detailing shop to the port. Just as the last stickers were put on the cars, we took them and rushed to the port. Our friend helping us stopped the Porsche on the side of the road. Furiously I went up to his window and asked: “What now!? We can’t afford to lose any time”. He looked at me stupidly and asked: “How can I turn on the radio? I can’t drive in silence…”. We made it to the port with 3 minutes till the gates closed. I guess he had everything planned out.


Picture 2 The Cradle Tour convoy, at Dreamhack in Jönköping

During the next days we had our mobile VR gaming station set up in Stockholm’s Cars & Coffee, Jönköping Dreamhack and in Rotterdam at VR4Play. I believe the interest was there and people enjoyed the game. Some had problem understanding the game but once they knew it was a MOBA game they felt right at home. It was also extremely pleasant to meet new people and talk about gaming and VR. Some of the people had never tried VR so hopefully we attracted a few new enthusiasts to the community.

On our way we showed our wizard Hexoth famous places as it is his first time outside of his village.


Picture 3 Wizard Hexoth and pile of bones in Brussels at the Atomium


Picture 4 Five Town Musicians of Bremen

To sum it up, The Cradle Tour was a great experience for us. We wanted to do something different and bring the game to the people. It allowed us to get good first impression feedback and talk to the gaming community face to face. Hopefully more similar tours will come.

We will add the finishing touches to the game and will soon announce the release date for the Cradle of Sins VR. In a couple of weeks there will be gameplay video up that many are so eager to see.

Here’s a video of us at Dreamhack: