The Cradle Cup rules:

The Alpha Cup (tournament) has a total prize pool of $10,000. To participate in the tournament, a participant will need the Cradle of Sins Alpha version on Steam. To unlock the tournament, play at least 3 practice matches. When the player feels comfortable with their in-game skills, start the tournament by press the “start tournament” button in-game and agreeing with the terms, at which point the players’ next 8 highest scored competitive games out of 10 will count towards their final point score on the Leaderboard. Players can play a maximum of 4 competitive matches in 24 hours.

A competitive game is a 3v3 match. Points will be handed out to each player individually based on their team win/loss, their kill count, assists, towers destroyed, and slimes killed. Exact points for each action will be determined. The participant can check their tournament progress in the menu under the “tournament progress” tab.

Remember, the game is still in Alpha and we have the option to postpone the tournament due to technical difficulties. During the competitive matches, players might experience bugs and glitches which aren’t enough reasons to cancel their score in that game. Unless these bugs and glitches drastically change the outcome of the game. In which case each instance will be evaluated individually, and we will determine if the bug/glitch is enough to cancel the match score to count towards their endpoint score. For our easier determinations provide us with a game recording of the game/situation. 

If a player crashes out of the game the score won’t count towards the final score count on the Leaderboard.

We have the option to push out updates during the tournament that could affect the gameplay.

The following prizes will be awarded to each player, based on their placement within the Leaderboard. There are awards for the first 40 players who finish on the Leaderboard.

The tournament is scheduled for December 12-27 in 2019. 

The Alpha Cup

1st – 6th Compete for a total prize pool of $5000
7th $500
8th $450
9th $400
10th $350
11th $300
12th $250
13th $200
14th $150
15th-30th $100
31th-40th $50

The Grand Finale (finals) will be held between 6 players who finished in the top 6 on the Leaderboard. Finals are expected to be held in January and the details of it will be revealed soon. The total prize pool for the finals is $5000. Players who don’t show up to the finals will be replaced with the player who finished on the Leaderboard a spot below.

Each player can participate in the tournament only once with their Cradle of Sins Alpha key. Players who participate in the tournament more than once with a different account, with the same IP address or with the same Steam key will be disqualified. 

Players who cheat, manipulate the game code or outcome of the game will be disqualified. Including crashing the game on purpose in case of a bad game and exploiting known game bugs that come due to the Alpha state of the game.

Before The Alpha Cup, we will host a short test tournament to test out the systems.

This is our first go at tournaments and we’re trying our hardest to be as reasonable as possible. 

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