Beat & Battle Event Recap

First of all, we want to Thank all of you that accompanied us at this event. It was a hardcore showdown for all of our staff and people from outside that helped us orchestrate the tournament. We had enormous scope and ambitions plans and our biggest enemy was time.

The event took 10 days to set up in the studio hall, huge thanks to our incredible event organization team Videal Productions for helping us. From camera and stage rigging to everything involving the Twitch live stream.

The whole event was hosted by Estonian legends Daniel Levi and Erkki Sarapuu, music came from DJ-s Amando Harkimo and WATEVA also from Daniel Levi’s band. The eSports commentators were René Buttler and Marek Pihel aka Envision.

Now let’s delve into the Battle side of the Tournament!

Our UI mechanics pretty much dictated the event. That the game needs to be launched from the desktop and only when full screen appears players need to put on the headset, in some instances the game could’ve crashed and the match needed to be reset.

Round 1
Team Spider 0 / Team Turret 1

First teams that ran against each other’s were Team Spider and Team Turret. Where Team Turret made an entrance by defeating Team Spider. Their team consisted of Swedish DJ Milwin and two VR eSports players Rexar (the previous tournament champion) and Troqdoran who came in third at the Qualifier matches.

  • Hexoth


Round 2
Team Barbarian / Team Nexus 1

The second round-up was between Team Barbarian and Nexus. That was the moment the event schedule started to go downhill. Starting with Yassuos dog that ate through his VR headsets cable. And teammates whos game crashed multiple times and we could not delay the match. So funny enough this match went 2v2 with our backup players for fairness, and Team Barbarian became victorious.

  • Kyra takes down Harpy


Round 3
Team Magic 1 / Team Stone 0

Round where “girlpower” dominated and Team Magic came on top with Loserfruit and Amanda Harkimo against Will Sparks and Carms. This was the other match that ran 2vs2 because of connection issues with our lads and lasses from Australia.

  • Kyra defending a lane


Round 4
Team Crystal 1 / Team Dragon 0

The last round before the semi finals was the most anticipated one Team Crystal VS Team Dragon. These teams rocked superstars like Steve Aoki, xQc, Headhunterz, Sodapoppin. The game ended with Team Crystal triumphing.

  • Hexoth takes on Kyra



Team Crystal 0 / Team Turret 1

We had to choose between the 4 semi-finalists because of time delays that had occured. So through lottery Team Turret and Team Crystal were chosen. In this fight Team Turret came again towering and claimed the upper hand in the match against xQc, Steve Aoki and Pesky Cashew. Team Turret’s biggest advantage was having two professional Cradle of Sins players Troqdoran and previous tournament champion Rexar.

  • Hexoth and Kyra clearing the last tower


The event was as much stressing as it was fun. We had our fun and difficulties, but the setbacks are only new challenges for us to conquer. Besides the feedback has been tremendously funny and meaningful.

Stay conquering the battlefield and maybe we’ll see you in our next Tournament!

Cradle of Sins Team