Devlog 1.5 – New Map

These updates keep on coming!

Oracle’s Peak finally shows it’s mysterious lands to the players. With it’s compact design it tries to make the game more intense. There are also some other “quality of life” changes that make the game a lot better, step by step.

Visual updates:

  • New map
  • Buff flower
  • Tower ring particles more noticeable
  • Kyra Silentium and Juggernaut ability design changes
  • Helena and Hexoth’s impact effect design changes
  • Tower range particles made more visible
  • New Nexus
  • Wind particles on the new map


New Features:

  • Buff flower
  • Projectile ground collision simulation system
  • Notification system in the Main-menu and loading widgets


Bug Fixes:

  • Stopped blood particle from looping forever
  • Spawn area offset fix
  • Contract and stamp design fix
  • Fullscreen resolution issue fix
  • Main menu blur fix
  • Chat button location changed
  • HUD appearing in the center of the screen
  • Fixed grenade aiming


Discovered Bugs and things in Development:

We suggest not to focus on the balancing system as much right now, because many of our core systems are being constantly re-evaluated and changed. We also have some bigger changes in our development plans that we have not yet revealed, that might change/add some core mechanics to make the game more fun and immersive VR experience. Nevertheless player input in our development has always been a key element, so make sure to let us know what you think and find.

Game Version 0.3.178