Another update – Main menu

Fresh update from the oven!

It’s been a while you have heard about us. This update brings the much anticipated VR menu in the game.


Visual updates:

  • Main map ground overhaul
  • VR Main Menu
  • Improved impact visuals
  • Shop banner new fonts
  • Waterfalls added
  • New Minion skins


New Features:

  • Players will now be automatically logged in with their Steam account
  • Character Select redesign
  • VR Main Menu
  • Updated Minimap


Bug Fixes:

  • Wizard Charge weapons no longer rapidly fire on single fire
  • Fixed some Wizard projectiles doing physical damage
  • Knight wall now stuns for the entire duration until it starts to fall
  • Kyra Ult is now not being blocked by the base fortifications
  • Jungle Creeps not respawning after being killed
  • Cube entity detached from grenade
  • Tower Crystals now give 10 gold each, only the last hitting player receives 300 gold


Discovered Bugs and things in Development:

  • Previous player data did not come through with the new Steam account login

We suggest not to focus on the balancing system as much right now, because many of our core systems are being constantly re-evaluated and changed. We also have some bigger changes in our development plans that we have not yet revealed, that might change/add some core mechanics to make the game more fun and immersive VR experience. Nevertheless player input in our development has always been a key element, so make sure to let us know what you think and find.