Hexoth the Wizard




Under dev. Tank champions distract enemy attention and attacks toward themselves in order to provide protection or decoy for teammates




Hexoth was just a child when Ana fell through the ice.

They had been playing on the frozen lake when the world cracked beneath them. Ana was a good swimmer, but the shock of the cold was too much for her poor heart, and Hexoth, afraid, could not bring himself to jump in after her. The frightened boy watched her sink into the bitter depths, and a part of him went with her forever.

This childhood game gone wrong would define Hexoth’s whole life. He dedicated himself to undoing what had been done. He would find a way to bring Ana back.

His search brought him quickly to magic. Hexoth had a natural aptitude for the mysterious art, and a deep willingness to learn. In time he became a great and powerful wizard.

He mastered the elements, bending the freezing waters to his will. He harnessed lightning, telepathy, even the laws of physics. Driven by guilt and a need to redeem himself, he used his powers to protect the weak and defend the innocent, and put his own life and sanity at risk over and over again for the lives of strangers, without asking reward or a word of thanks.

In time he became a legend.

But nothing he did could bring back Ana.

Now gray-bearded and weary, the formidable Hexoth feels his own end approaching, and knows what he must do. The one step he had not dared to take: he will seek out the Great Architect, and do whatever it asks to win his prize. Whatever evil is demanded of him, whatever cruel and unconscionable act will bring the victory he requires, he will enact in this cradle of sins.

Hexoth does not kill, but he will kill for this. For Ana.

He really loved that dog.

So comes Hexoth to the Island.

Vital Statistics:

Name: Hexoth

Age: Venerable

Favourite reason to kill you: Guilt

Favourite member of BTS: V