Kyra The Warrior Queen

Role: Under dev



Under development. Tank champions distract enemy attention and attacks toward themselves in order to provide protection or decoy for teammates




Kyra was not receptive to our biographer’s attempts to ‘get to know the real Kyra’. Perpetually veiled and unreceptive to small talk, Kyra is a woman who knows what she wants, and that’s for you to stop asking questions.

Growing up amongst the so-called nobility, Kyra was orphaned at a young age – we don’t know how – and after her parents’ deaths found herself spurned by the heartless gentry.

Setting out into the rough wilds of the kingdom alone, Kyra had killed by the time she was 10, and killed 10 by the time she was 11. By this point the people around her had stopped counting and started running away. Rumor has it that if she ends a battle with her kill count on a prime number she’ll keep going, a sweet and bloody superstition that has led many an onlooker to hurriedly revise maths.

By her sixteenth birthday Kyra had become a truly fearsome fighter, a mercenary knight known as the Warrior Queen who drew her sword only for the highest bidder. She doesn’t tarry with sentiment, as former employers have learned at the cost of their heads. One neck is as good as another. A sword doesn’t distinguish, and neither does she.

And yet. One Midsummer’s Eve in a small township on the border, passers-by reported seeing the Warrior Queen staggering out of the disreputable Black Dragon Inn, drunk as all hell, clutching a tattered piece of parchment and the hilt of a shattered emerald blade. Those who dared to get near her heard only repeated mutterings about “the cost”. Ignoring the crowd and discarding the rest of her belongings into the mud, Kyra walked out of town and never returned.

That was almost two years ago. Scattered sightings of the Warrior Queen trickle in from across the kingdom, but nothing reliable… until she showed up on the Island two days ago, cloaked in the colors of blood and death and ready to do what she does best.

Where did she vanish to? Who or what was she seeking? And what prize will she now demand from the Great Architect? Only one man knows the answer… and Kyra threw him down a well. (R.I.P. Clive: your biographies were, to the end, perfectly adequate.)

One thing is for certain: Kyra intends to be the final victor of this challenge. And when she is, the whole world will know what she wants…

So comes Kyra to the Island.

Vital Statistics:

Name: Kyra

Age: You ask her

Favourite reason to kill you: Being cut in half would just suit you

Favourite member of BTS: Jimin