Top Steam Games To Lookout For in November 2020 – We are in!

We are in the list! Read article about top steam game in November 2020   Every month around one thousand games are released on Steam and it is almost impossible for the gamers to try all of them, usually some very creative games are missed by the gamers that is why we have curated […]

Aoki, xQc, Pesky vs Headhunterz, Sodapoppin, AxisMunde in Cradle of Sins VR battle

Beat & Battle Tournament Round 4  Here is the fourth round between the superstar player Teams. Where Team Crystal took the win with xQc, Steve Aoki and PeskyCashew. We sent all these legends VR equipment to see what they think of VR eSports Tournaments. We matched them together with 2 streamers who are already professionals […]

Beat & Battle Event Recap First of all, we want to Thank all of you that accompanied us at this event. It was a hardcore showdown for all of our staff and people from outside that helped us orchestrate the tournament. We had enormous scope and ambitions plans and our biggest enemy was time. The event took 10 days […]

Devlog before the Beta release!

Beta release is at the door, but first let’s cover the things we have been cooking in the last eight months. We shall divide this into three different segments visual overhaul,new map and gameplay changes. The visual overhaul: New UI Scenery overhaul Custom character skins (Possible won’t be live with the initial Beta release) New […]

More Concept Art!

Forest House

We’re re-inventing our map design and layout. Adding more interesting twists and turns to navigating the current map with a few extra mechanics. This will help players come up with different tactics and strategies, and make each match unique. And of course, shuffling around objects and making good design is at its best when supported […]

Making a Good PVP Melee in VR


One of the main selling points in Cradle of Sins is the Player versus Player (PvP) aspect of it. It may seem simple at first: FPS games exist since the 80’s and the fundamentals have been set already. We’re not re-inventing the wheel, right? But the fact is, we kind of are! Shooting and melee […]

Spectator Mode, New Character & Map

Spectator Mode Since we started working on Cradle of Sins, we were mainly focused on developing the game from the players’ side; how the game feels and plays out from a first person’s perspective.   When we started the Alpha Cup tournament back in December 2019, we knew we needed to make it go out […]

World’s First VR MOBA Tournament Concluded. Winner Grabs a $3,500 Cash Prize!

U24 Solutions is the studio behind the highly ambitious upcoming Cradle of Sins VR MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) video game, and they just recently hosted the world’s first VR MOBA tournament – the Cradle of Sins Alpha Cup! Although the event wasn’t as high-profile as the other more prominent esports games, such as Dota […]